We all need a bit of luxury now and then, far too often we sacrifice this part of our lives, especially when heading away on vacation, often this comes down to cost. There is however, always a time and a place for indulgence and whilst the price may seem more than you are used to, it is important for the soul that once in a while, you go all out when it comes to luxury. There are lots of options available to you if you’re looking for luxury, whatever your version of it is, luxury destinations with picturesque scenery, gorgeous hotels with staff at hand for your every need or even staying in celebrity houses through companies like Schofields who can make it happen for you. With luxury in mind, here are our top destinations where you can indulge in life’s finer things.



For postcard scenery, glorious sunshine and isolated villas and lodgings where you can pass your days relaxing by the pool in scenic settings then look no further than St.Lucia. This eastern Caribbean island has a dramatic landscape of vast, tree covered mountains, its volcanic beaches offer soft sand, crystal waters and sprawling reefs for diving. Here you will find natural waterfalls surrounded by the rainforest and dotted throughout the island, tiny, luxurious hideaways where you and your partner, family or friends can dive into your luxury vacation.


Africa isn’t usually top of the list when it comes to luxury stays but Kenya and in particular the Laikipia┬áregion offers its guest luxury stays overlooking the African plains. Take a horseback or safari tour at night and see amazing animals in their natural habitat, watching the sunsetting over the Savannah and sleep under the stars on four poster beds, thrilling and luxurious.

London, England

Despite being on of the world’s busiest cities, London can offer visitors the finest in luxury vacations, vintage accommodation that has played host to royals, dignitaries and celebrities, fine dining in some of the World’s best restaurants and rich culture throughout the city’s by way of iconic landmarks and buildings. Luxury isn’t always about laying by a pool and watching the World pass you by and in London you can experience a taste of the finer things in life whether it be food, arts, accommodation or man-made beauty.


Dubai simply exudes luxury, its centre has been purpose built with high style and class in mind from its hotels to its shopping centers and even its extravagant Palm archipelago. Dubai has underwater hotels, luxury restaurants offering brunch packages, the World’s tallest building in the Burj Khalifa and a population of people who look at luxury living as the only way of life. The ‘City of Gold’ as it is known is where the rich and famous play, and as such, the services on offer here scream luxury, whether it be the high-end shops and restaurants, the stunning and beautifully crafted hotels or the expensive super-cars that fill the city’s roads. If you’re looking for luxury in its purest sense then Dubai is for you.