There are so many fantastic holiday destinations in Australia that it can be difficult for holidaymakers to decide where to go. That’s why, in many cases, people decide to try and visit as many destinations as possible. However, if people only have a week or two to explore such a vast country, they might be limited in terms of how much time they can spend in each place. For this reason, people often choose to take advantage of car rental in order to make the most of each destination.

However, as useful as mini-van hire can be for getting around a city with the whole family, it might not be the best way to see as many different destinations as possible if time is of the essence. Flying is certainly the fastest way to travel from one side of the country to the other, but renting a vehicle in each destination will still come in handy.

Of course, renting a different car in each destination could become expensive, but it doesn’t have to be too costly for holidaymakers that take advantage of budget car rental in Perth. The price of renting a car – even in what is undeniably an expensive country – is much cheaper than people may assume, and doing so can improve a holiday exponentially.

For those that are planning to visit Perth during their Australian adventure, it’s worth knowing what there is to see and what day trips exist. That’s why this article will briefly detail some of the best excursions on offer in Perth.

Don’t Miss these Excellent Excursions

Ace Rent a Car provide car hire from Perth Airport, and that means it might not even be necessary to take a bus into the city to go on these fantastic trips.

  • Pinnacles Desert – This is an amazing day tour that allows travellers to try something a little different. During this day trip, travellers will test their skills at sandboarding and embark on an exciting 4WD adventure.
  • Rottnest Island – This beautiful island is a favourite amongst Perth locals due to its secluded beaches with white sands and blue seas. Plus, the day tour includes a 1.5-hour wildlife cruise, and it can all be fitted into a day thanks to a high-speed ferry that takes travellers to the island.
  • Margaret River – This day tour includes a trip to one of Perth’s most famous wine-making regions, as well as sightseeing around Mammoth Cave, cider tasting, and a walk down the longest wooden jetty in the Southern Hemisphere.

Needless to say, the list of day tours above is far from exhaustive, but it should give holidaymakers a good insight into the amount of variety that’s on offer. Those who are not staying in the city or are only here for a short duration of time should make sure they choose the best company for budget car rental.