The excitement of planning a trip can often be tainted when thoughts turn to financing it, spending time poring through images online of beautiful far flung places are often considered as nothing more than dream trips when you think of the cost involved. The thing is that it doesn’t have to be this way, with a positive attitude, careful planning and creative ideas to boost your income you can make that dream a reality. There are always ways to get the extra cash that you need for a big trip, you could use credit cards, borrow from friends or family or look for title loans online and use your car as collateral to get that much needed cash, alternatively you could get a little more creative and use some of these methods to help you get the money you need for your vacation.


There are two ways that you can boost your bank roll through sales, the first is to scour your home for items that are surplus to requirements and sell them online. Games, DVD’s, CD’s, tech, clothes and toys all have great value in them, there are several websites where you can get cash for your old goods so scavenge every corner of the house and sell your stuff online.

The second way that you can make a profit from selling is by spending some time in markets and fairs to pick up some bargains which you can later sell online. You may not quite be the antiques trader but if you pick a type of product that you have some knowledge about you can look at guide prices online and then go searching for some bargains to turn into cash. What’s more, in this modern world of ours you can check prices of things online whilst you are looking at a particular product to see if you can turn a profit from it meaning that the risk is minimized greatly.

Online Third Party

A great way to make some extra cash with very little effort is to work as a ‘connector’ online and put people in touch with goods and services. An example of this could be that client A is looking on Craigslist to have a website built for $1500, you contact the client letting them know that you can do the job, you then post a job on a freelancing website asking for a website to be built with the requirements of client A for $1000. Once you hire someone for the job, client B, you will act as a go-between to ensure the job is done correctly, once it is completed, client A will pay you $1500 for your work, you will pay client B for their work and you have $500 in your pocket for bringing it all together, easy cash. You may think “why can’t client A simply look on a freelancing website?” This is a very valid point but the truth is that too often people have far more money than sense.

Put Your Car to Work

A second job can often be too time consuming and rarely fits in with your schedule, a job where you can work on your own time however gives you the opportunity to make some cash as and when you want. If you’re a car owner then one of the best ways of boosting your income is by driving people around. With the emergence of Uber and U.S. based app ‘Lyft’ this has never been easier, with Lyft you simply need to download the app, create an account and get driving, the fares are half that of taxis and you can make up to $35 per hour, not bad just for driving around town and perfect for boosting your vacation fund.