Limousine Driving is conducted in a different manner than when you take other modes of transportation
Photo by CC user OSX on Wikimedia Commons

Driving a regular car is hard enough, and one has to pass a test that effectively demonstrates one can control the vehicle at all times. The test would include emergency braking, reversing, and other manoeuvres that a motorist would routinely make while driving. Add to this a comprehensive knowledge of signs and road regulations, and this is what passing a standard limousine driving test entails.

A professional chauffeur

This person does a lot more than just pilot the limousine, in fact, the chauffeur’s goal is to make the trip as pleasant as possible for their passengers. A chauffeur would always arrive at the pick-up point well ahead of time, and ensure that the vehicle is as close as possible, eliminating the need for the customer to walk any distance. The shorter the better, in fact. The doors would always be opened by the chauffeur, and any luggage would also be dealt with by the driver, allowing the passengers to sit back and enjoy the ride. For Western Australians, there is limousine hire in Perth, for those special occasions.

A code of silence

Traditionally, a chauffeur would only speak when spoken to, and they would have researched the route, eliminating the need to ask their passengers for directions. Of course, the chauffeur might be called upon to engage in dialogue, a passenger might want to know about a particular landmark or something about the history of the area, and it is accepted that the chauffeur would provide such information when requested. Generally speaking, the chauffeur would have little or no interaction with the client, and this would be acceptable to all. The chauffeur must be ready to change the plans on the fly, as very often their passengers would like to take a short detour or do some impulsive shopping, and this requires an instant change of plan.

No such thing as no

A professional chauffeur will always try to do whatever their client requires, and aside from breaking the law, there isn’t much they won’t do. The goal is to facilitate the journey in the best way for the client, and therefore, he or she would do whatever they could to ensure client satisfaction. If a person in Western Australia were interested in hiring a limousine with a chauffeur, click here for a wide range of stretch limousines at affordable prices.

Professional attire

A chauffeur is very particular about their uniform, and would always look clean and tidy, with well-polished shoes and a nicely pressed suit. A necktie would be expected, and the uniform would probably include the livery of the hire company, or their boss if they are privately hired by the client.

Other responsibilities

Many chauffeurs work exclusively for one person, and their daily life is centred around driving their client to various functions. When the boss is away, this is the time to have the vehicle serviced, so a chauffeur would be busy at all times. Keeping the limousine clean and in good working order is an integral part of the job, and the chauffeur would devote many hours to ensuring the vehicle is in tip-top shape.

Driving a stretched limo is not easy, and coupled with all the other responsibilities that a chauffeur has, it is easy to see why it is a specialised field.