If you think the fun of riding motorcycles is only for the guys, think again.

It is not uncommon to see more and more women taking to motorcycles these days. As a result, don’t always assume the person under the helmet is a male.

With more women enjoying the thrill and excitement of motorcycles, marketing is endless.

From those selling motorcycles, clothing and helmets, there are various chances to market.

That said how should businesses in the motorcycle industry market to ladies nationwide?

Getting the Attention of Female Motorcyclists

To best reach women, marketers have a myriad of possibilities at your disposal.

Remember, marketing to men versus women oftentimes involves taking a different approach or two.

Among them:

  1. Online marketing

One option is speeding off towards online marketing.

With online marketing, those in the motorcycle industry can pitch all kinds of brands.

Whether a brand of bike, women’s Kevlar motorcycle jeans or maintenance, reaching out to ladies is rather easy.

The one thing that links those three areas together of course is safety.

Women (and men for that matter) should look for a bike that rate well in performance and safety.

With clothing, ladies should wear jeans that are comfortable and provide some protection.

Keeping one’s bike maintained is critical, especially in taking a safe motorcycle out each time.

Put Together a Nice Mix of Marketing

That said online marketing tactics should involve:

  • Email blasts – Emails are a great way to introduce your brand to women. Focus emails on the excitement of riding and how much independence one feels on a motorcycle. Always remember to avoid coming off as being another spammer.
  • Blog content – Your blog content can deliver major props for your brand, so keep those posts coming. Whether a dealer or in the clothing/helmet industries, write authoritative posts. Another key to blog content is interacting with female riders when they write in to you. Always take the time to respond to questions and of course comments.
  • Social media – This is another resource you should be tapping into. Many female motorcycle enthusiasts are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other such sites. The same interaction with your blog needs to be there on social networking. Also use social media as often as possible. Being it is accessible 24/7, don’t sleep on it.

Teaching Younger Women to Ride

Although the stereotypical male rider still exists, he is being replaced by females.

If you’re a woman who has been riding for some years now, you can prove a good role model for younger ladies looking to ride.

In the event you know one or more young women wanting to learn how to ride, take them under your wing by all means.

Emphasize the safety of motorcycling when on highways with cars, SUV’s, recreational vehicles and trucks.

No matter the gender, motorcycle riders are at a disadvantage if they come in contact with an auto or truck.

While having fun on a motorcycle is important, doing it time and time again will lead to many more rides.