Do you own an RV?

If so, you’re undoubtedly one who loves to hit the open roads for vacations and more.

That said doing so safely should always be your top priority.

Even when you are doing everything within your power to be safe on the roads, keep in mind that you are sharing the highways and local roads with some who don’t take safety as seriously.

So, having a little technology, some commonsense, and even a bit of luck along for the ride certainly helps.

With that in mind, are you ready to back up your driving safety needs?

Put Safety at the Forefront

In order to make safety on the roads your number one priority, start by looking at your RV.

How well equipped is it when it comes to the safety factor?

If you have an older RV (decade or more) it may very well not have some or all of the technology that the newer ones come with these days.

One option you should certainly look into is the idea to add an RV backup camera.

Doing so makes it much easier to see what is behind you, notably other vehicles or even pedestrians.

Given the size of even the typical RV, you know all too well that it can be difficult at times to see what is around you, notably from behind. In an instance, an individual could walk behind your RV in a parking lot etc. and you would not have enough time to react before hitting them.

Another item to certainly consider adding if not already a part of your RV is a device to lessen the chances of an electrical hazard incident.

Keep in mind that electric shocks with RV’s are much more serious than the typical shock you can get at home or in the office from touching an item where static is in play. If you do suffer such a shock in an RV (even touching the vehicle), what is known as “hot skin” can occur, leaving you with potentially serious injuries.

Lastly, always make sure your RV is not an open invitation to a fire.

Make sure all outlets are properly maintained, items that could possibly catch fire are not next to portable heaters or a stove inside the vehicle, and you keep all fluid levels associated with the engine at proper levels at all times.

Avoid Roadway Confrontations

Even though many RV owners use their vehicles for getaways, the idea of being on vacation can sometimes be lost when other drivers get on your nerves.

For instance, if you’re obeying the rules of the road in your RV that does not mean other drivers are doing likewise.

Given you have a much bigger vehicle in many cases to maintain, a car, smaller truck, even a motorcyclist, driving erratically can put you and others in danger. Rather than try and confront them on the road, back off and let them go their separate ways.

Keep Your Mind Alert at All Times

Finally, it can be tempting to want to push that drive an extra half hour or two. Unfortunately, drowsy driving (along with distracted driving with cell phones etc.) can end up being a deadly decision.

Always avoid drowsy driving, especially if you have other drivers on your RV trips with you.

There is no reason to try and be a hero or heroine and push the limits of your driving abilities on any given day.

If this means safely pulling off the road into an RV park for the night, by all means do it.

As much fun as being in an RV can be, doing it safely is the only way to travel.