I have been trying to get more followers for my small business for some time now and didn’t have much success until around 6 months ago. My friend Michael Briese has an Instagram account which has a huge amount of following and that is just a personal account, I could never work out where I was going wrong.

Eventually I’d had enough and decided to dedicate a lot of time in to finding out just how I could go about getting more followers across the various mediums of social media and I thought that I would share my findings with you.

High Quality Content

This is the one thing that kept coming out of my research, the need for high quality content when it comes to sharing on social media. It makes sense when you think about it, after all if you are a social media user, you would only follow a particular page or business if you thought that it could provide you with some value.

Be Original

As someone who is looking for followers you need to be original in your work, when videos or images go viral, you should be the one who is creating this content, not being one of the people who is sharing it. Users should be able to expect something different from you, something original and high level, not just run of the mill posts.

Buy Them

Facebook offers a way of reaching more people across social media and in particular, within your niche by way of targeting customers who already like similar things to what you are offering. The only downside with paying for higher exposure is that you don’t have a measure of how much return on your investment you will get. You can of course see how many additional followers and likes that you have, but finding out conversion rates can be difficult. One of the best benefits to this type of marketing is that you can target the demographic of your target market which gives you a far higher chance of success.


Most people are in the same boat when it comes to trying to get more followers and if you find someone else who is within your niche that is looking to boost their followers then you could work in conjunction with them to boost both of your numbers. This kind of partnership would be very simple and would involve each of you sharing on another’s posts. The results of this can be very high and can see a mutually beneficial relationship form. I you are going to do this then it is recommended that you share each other’s posts occasionally only, any more than this and you could run the risk of alienating your current followers.


Engagement was mentioned a lot through my research and it makes sense when you think about it, followers want to know that there is a human behind the page that they are following and some regular interaction from you or your team can help to gain trust with your existing followers and could see them being more likely to share your posts.