Hackers and malware are a threat to our personal and financial data online. It is said over 85% of websites that are attacked have no anti-virus software or website security in place. In fact, many people turn to researching how to protect their online assets after they have suffered a cyber attack.


There are many anti-virus software programs and online website security services available. In reading the Sitelock Reviews, many clients are satisfied with the professionalism and how quickly SiteLock was able to restore their computer or websites. This is key in maintain your reputation and assuring customers that their data is safe.

SiteLock offers a comprehensive suite of tools to find, repair, improve and protect your website from past and future attacks.

Find: SiteLock performs a series of tests on your website, continuously checking for security breaches and hacking attempts. There is a daily malware scan, a web application scan, network scan, daily file scan, even a SQL Injection Vulnerability scan. You can rest assured your website has 24-hour continuous protection.

Fix: In the off chance that SiteLocks 24 hour scanning does find a vulnerability they will work quickly to alert you of the potential issue and then either repair the problem or advise you on how best to remove the issues. SiteLock expert trained staff download your website files, scans them and fixes any issues they find and then uploads the repaired files back to your server, automatically. And never alerting your users that there are any issues.

Prevent: In addition to continuous daily scanning for vulnerabilities, SiteLock installs a web application firewall that blocks malicious requests, as well as protects your customer info and databases, protects published content and patches any weaknesses it finds on the fly. Your website will be protected from any new attacks.

Accelerate: In addition to providing your clients with a safe online experience, SiteLock accelerates your data by relaying the website requests from the closest server to the customer, anywhere in the world. This accelerated speed means your clients are not in limbo waiting for pages to load, thus staying longer and returning more often. In fact, customers of SiteLock see a 15% ROI just for signing up with SiteLock.

Comply: If your website has an e-commerce aspect then PCI Compliance if a reality for you. SiteLock ensures your website meets all the requirements for compliance and will work with you to fix any issues your site may have.  A simple survey will answer all your questions and SiteLock will even submit your PCI Compliancy reports each quarter.

If you are looking for a well-respected website security firm to protect and manage your website, SiteLock has over 8,000,000 satisfied clients.