Some people aren’t cut out for the standard desk job. Luckily, you have plenty of different job options that can all be rewarding and pay the bills. If you want to try something out of the ordinary, take a look at these eight odd jobs.

Being a professional bridesmaid is one of The World's Eight Oddest Jobs

Image via Flickr by John Loo

Nobody wants to be a bride without a bridesmaid. If you understand the needs of a bride, you can help her every step of the way as a professional bridesmaid. You’d attend all the wedding events, help the bride get ready, and make sure she looks perfect in all of her photos. It’s both fun and rewarding.

Fortune Cookie Writer

If you hate opening a fortune cookie to find something that isn’t really a fortune, you might be the perfect fortune cookie writer. You can work as a freelancer creating one-line fortunes and selling them to fortune cookie companies. It’s a rewarding job because you know you’ll influence people’s lives, even if it’s only for amusement.

Teddy Bear Surgeon

The Build-A-Bear Workshop in St. Louis hires people to repair damaged stuffed animals. With some hand sewing skills, you can help save people’s beloved teddy bears and make them look brand new again. Parents and children will both thank you.

Facebook Live Video Monitors

Some people use Facebook Live to record crimes and suicides. This is against Facebook’s rules and a crew was hired to monitor and take down inappropriate videos. Videos need to be reviewed and taken down quickly. Facebook is hiring 3,000 live video monitors in 2017 to watch people’s lives for signs of distress.

Worm Picker

People pay a lot of money for live fish bait, such as worms. That’s why you can be hired as a worm picker and earn good money. All you need to do is forage grassy areas and collect as many worms as you can. You can either sell the worms to fish bait shops or try to sell the bait on your own.

Sewer Flusher

This might not sound like a pleasant job, but it pays well. You can make around $80,000 per year in London as a sewer flusher. You’d go down into the sewers and get rid of blockages and clean up cooking fats and oils. It’s a job somebody has to do.

LEGO Master Builder

If you grew up playing with LEGOs, becoming a master builder could be a dream job for you. Master builders are hired to create LEGO structures for amusement parks, displays, and more. There’s a certification program you must complete, but you can earn a full-time salary when you’re done, all from playing with tiny plastic bricks.

Pet Psychologist

When pets are exhibiting unusual behaviors, some people hire pet psychologists to try and figure out what’s going on. As a pet psychologist, you’d get to spend time with animals analyzing their behavior and improving their quality of life.

These are just a few odd jobs you can try if you’re tired of the same old scene. You can take any skill you have and make it a career if you’re able to think outside the box. What are some of the oddest jobs you’ve heard about? Let us know in the comments below.