Exploring Fantasy Land is a great way to spend your vacation in Jakarta

Photo by CC user 22Kartika on wikimedia commons

While most visitors to Indonesia head straight to Bali when it comes time to enjoy their holiday in this country, there are plenty of worthwhile attractions in the big city of Jakarta as well.

One of these is Ancol Dreamland, a massive theme park that has so many attractions that it takes several days to experience properly.

The complex is so popular among local Indonesians that it has given rise to hotels that have risen near the park gates.

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This will save you from having to travel to and from downtown for hours that should be spent relaxing by the pool of hotels such as the Aston Marina Ancol.

With that booking out of the way, here are some of the best Ancol Dreamland attractions to experience on a vacation in Jakarta…

Day 1: Embrace your inner child at Dunia Fantasi (Fantasy World)

Start your visit to Ancol Dreamland by spending an entire day at Dunia Fantasi (Fantasy World in English).

Boasting over thirty rides and many other attractions, it is split into eight different regions representing various places in the world in much the same way that Walt Disney World is.

From roller coasters to futuristic 4D rides to Poci-Poci (Ancol’s version of the spinning cups), it is an action-packed way to begin your time on vacation in Jakarta.

Day 2: Cool off at Atlantis Water Adventure

A water park based on the mythological legend of the sunken city of Atlantis, spending the second day at Atlantis Water Adventure is an excellent way of getting relief from the heat and humidity that Jakarta is famous for.

With a gigantic wave pool, a lazy river, plenty of water slides, a waterfall pool, and a sand volleyball court for more athletic patrons, Atlantis Water Adventure will prove to be one of your favorite parts of Ancol Dreamland.

Day 3: Get in touch with the world beneath the waves at Ocean Dream Samudra and SeaWorld

If you are looking to explore the wondrous world that exists beneath the surface of our oceans, Ancol Dreamland has not only one but two attractions that you can explore your curiosity in this area.

Ocean Dream Samudra offers 4D attractions that simulate life at sea, sea lion and dolphin shows, while SeaWorld (no relation to Seaworld in America) is an aquarium that was the largest in Southeast Asia when it opened back in 1996 (Singapore’s Resort World Sentosa opened the largest in the region and the world in 2013).

In addition to the standard assortment of sea life that one usually finds at these parks, this attraction also has an alligator and shark tank, making it a place you shouldn’t miss while you are visiting Ancol Dreamland.