Photo by CC user Diliff on Wikimedia Commons

One of the challenges of planning a trip to Australia is its sheer size. A continent roughly the size of the continental United States, experiencing this country in one go is not possible unless you have many months of free time.

As such, it makes sense to focus on one region per trip; if it is your first time in Oz, start with New South Wales (NSW for short).

Whether you want to experience the best that Metro Sydney has to offer or to tour Blue Mountains via its many scenic trails, the state of New South Wales has plenty to offer visitors.

If you have gaps in your travel itinerary, this guide will help you fill in the rest of the empty slots with plenty of exciting activities.

1) Go surfing at Bondi Beach

Surfing is a sport that has embedded itself deep within Australian culture, as its countless world-class surf breaks and its mild year-round weather has given plenty of eager wave carvers the time and space they need to learn this physical activity.

If you decide to learn on holiday here, it won’t be nearly as relaxing for you, but you’ll have some of the best instructors in the world to teach you what they know, and the accomplishment you’ll feel when you catch your first wave will fill you with an indescribable joy.

2) Attend a show at the Sydney Opera House

Don’t just be content to snap a picture of the Sydney Opera House from the Sydney Harbor Bridge, as there are plenty of theater troupes, operas, and internationally-famed musical artists that call on this cultural institution every year.

As such, stop by the box office and pick up some tickets while you are here.

3) Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge

As mentioned above, the Sydney Harbor Bridge is a great place to get some photos of the highlights of Sydney’s skyline.

However, if you are looking for something just a bit more exciting, try scaling the bridge instead of walking along its pedestrian deck.

An organized activity that is 100% legal, guides take their clients along a series of stairs, catwalks, and angled ramps that eventually lead to the 440-foot summit of this impressive feat of civil engineering.

4) Go trekking in the Blue Mountains

Don’t just confine yourself to urban environments while in NSW, as there are many excellent Blue Mountain day tours from Sydney that will give you a taste of one of this country’s most beloved natural getaways. If you’re looking for more tours, check out Viator.

Located just 50 kilometers due west of its furthest suburbs, Blue Mountains National Park is home to plenty of walking trails which enable casual and mobility restricted travelers to enjoy its tranquil environs while supplying more active visitors with lengthier and more challenging tracks.

Be sure to not miss the Scenic Skyway gondola, as it grants views of some of the most beautiful peaks and waterfalls on any tour Blue Mountains.

5) Explore the Jenolan Caves

While the above activities will take up much of your time in the Blue Mountains, those who hold a fascination with the world beneath our feet will want to check out the Jenolan Caves.

With the first couple of kilometers retrofitted with walkways and spotlights, visitors that have no desire to fumble through tight spaces will not have to worry, as the beauty of this wonder of nature is easily accessible to all.

6) Walk the Byron Bay Lighthouse Trail

After your tour Blue Mountains, those wanting to experience one of the best seaside walks in NSW will want to spend a couple of hours exploring the Bryon Bay Lighthouse Trail.

Spread out along a rugged coastal headland with an incredibly photogenic white lighthouse at its pinnacle, the views on this walk will be very bit as invigorating as the refreshing sea breeze.

7) Swim with the dolphins in Nelson Bay

End your trip to New South Wales by going for a swim in Nelson Bay with some of the most intelligent creatures in the ocean.

A favored home for dolphins, visitors on guided tours here will have an excellent chance to share the water with these fun-loving animals, giving you an experience that may just turn you into a shepherd for our world’s oceans.