Much has been made about the so called ‘claim culture’ that we live in, which has resulted in the claims process for genuine issues to become somewhat convoluted. The problem exists because many people are quick to make claims with unscrupulous lawyers, for injuries which don’t really exist, in an effort to gain money. The result of this however, is that there are many people who have real issues, and real claims to be made, who are afraid of doing it because they question the morality behind it, and they don’t trust that people will believe that they have a genuine claim. If however, you have a personal injury and it wasn’t your fault, you are certainly within your rights to make a claim, and you should exercise this right without fear. We spoke to a Los Angeles personal injury attorney, to find out just why you should make that claim.


If you are walking down the street and there is a manhole cover that has been left open without a sign, and you fall over because of it, something needs to change. This cannot be considered as general practice because, as you have proven, leaving manhole covers open without a sign, will cause injuries. If you were to then follow up on this and make a claim against the local council or the branch of government dealing with street works, you can bet your bottom dollar that once they have paid out because of this, there will be signs on every manhole cover that is exposed. Bringing about claims is not about getting rich, it is about your civic duty to hold companies and governments to account.


Because of the way the claims system has gone in the last decade or so, people think that a claim is financially motivated, with the idea to make a buck from your injury. This is certainly not the case at all, and the financial request which you make towards the defendant, is about teaching them a lesson by hitting them in the pocket, as well as the injured party being able to recoup what they have lost. Not everything has a monetary value and whilst lost earnings can be recouped, how much is a broken arm worth? Or a scar for life on your chest? These injuries don’t have a financial value, but they can do a lot of personal damage, which must be given a price.


In many cases of personal injury, there is a direct culprit such as a member of staff or a member of the public, whose negligence or disregard of the rules has caused your injury. When you bring a claim about, you will go one step closer to finding the culprit and ensure that they are brought to book for their errors, and properly managed.

DOn’t buy into the negativity surrounding claims, if you have been genuinely injured and it genuinely wasn’t your fault, contact a legal professional.