Regardless of how much you earn or how much you spend there is always room to save more money, money that could be better spent, perhaps on a trip, a special event or more money to put into a savings account for a rainy day. Even for the most frugal amongst you, there are always ways to reduce your spending and here are some tips on how you can live the same way and spend a little less.


Reward Programs

We often dismiss e-mails and mail through our doors as spammy or junk but very often we are missing out on some great reward deals that can save you money. If you use the same supermarket or online service regularly then you should look into what reward or loyalty schemes are on offer to you. These reward programs could be as simple as getting a free cup of coffee from your favorite cafe, to saving huge money on international flights. Businesses regularly look to reward loyal customers and if you are one then you should be making the most of the offers.


Car sharing is a great way to save money especially when it comes to the daily commute, you could start a car-pool scheme at work for people who make the same journey each day or even between friends who work near you or who make the same school run each day. There are even online services that can put you in touch with people who live in your area that make the same journey as you each day, simply get in contact with them and share the ride, this will ave you money, you will meet new people and you can even help the environment by cutting emissions at the same time.


Even though you may have been with the same bank since you were 16, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the best account on the market, to the contrary. There are lots of bank accounts that will reward you with higher interest rates on your savings or even direct cash rewards if you switch to them. Search around online for the best deals, move your money and see financial benefits through little effort.

Service Providers

Every once in a while it is worth spending a day searching for better service providers when it comes to things like electric, gas, water and internet providers. The market is incredibly competitive and as such, each company is constantly trying to provide better deals for consumers, especially if you switch from a rival. Don’t miss out, stay alert for new deals and offers.

Manage Spending

It sounds simple but you’ll be surprised at how much money you part with for ‘negligible┬áspending,’ that cup of coffee, that sandwich or that scratch card, they don’t seem like much, but they soon add up. Thanks to technology there are lots of apps available on the market that make it super easy to track your daily spending. Use one of these services for a week or two and then review it, this way you can see just how much money you are spending and where, from here you can start cutting some of the spending out.