Wearing a shirt under a jumper isn’t as easy as you may think. Rather than simply throwing a knit over any-old shirt, it should be a more considered affair — especially if you want to get your look just right.

Here, men’s knitwear retailer House of Fraser shares their tips for styling this winter essential. Follow these simple guidelines and you can’t go wrong!


Choose the neckline of your knit

While women may have a multitude of necklines to choose from, it’s a lot simpler for men, as they’re categorised into two groups: crew necks and V-necks.

Crew jumpers have round necks and take their name from the knitwear that fishermen and seafarers were wearing to keep warm while working at sea. Because of its heritage, the style is usually considered a more casual option than V-necks. V-necks, on the other hand, are best suited to men with fuller faces, as the drawn out shape works to elongate the neck.

Casual vs formal

Of course, the texture of your knitwear can add to how formal your overall look is. For example, super-soft cashmere creates a sleek, luxurious look, which is perfect for the office or smarter occasions.

If you are styling your look for a formal event, choose a V-neck jumper, especially if you need to wear a tie. Always keep your jumper darker than your shirt, as navy, black and dark grey will smarten up any look.

When it comes to informal occasions, you pretty much have free reign when it comes to both colour and texture. As we’ve already mentioned, crew neck jumpers are naturally more casual, so experiment with a variety of textures like cable knits. However, if you do opt for a textured jumper, keep your shirt plain — busy patterns can clash and make your look disjointed.

Lighter shades like greys, beiges and biscuit tones are great for laidback looks, especially if the knitwear is chunky. Plain, block colours are perfect for wearing with checks and other patterns.

If you opt for a sweatshirt instead of a jumper, make sure to swap your shirt for a polo shirt. The latter is more casual, so will better suit a laidback sweatshirt.