As a home owner, it is vital that you are prepared for all when it comes to things that can go wrong, because the inevitable truth is, that things will go wrong. When it comes to many home repairs, they will happen when you least expect it, and more often than not, when you least need it. In order to be sufficiently prepared for any housing emergency that you may have, it is important to have some trusted tradesmen on your contact list that ca come to your aid when you’re in need. Here are some of the top tradesmen you need and why.



Plumbing crises can come in many forms, perhaps just a blocked drain or even a full blown flood, and you’re going to need to have a friendly, responsive and well priced plumber on hand for such events. One of the best types of plumbers to find is those like Plumbdog who offer 24/7 assistance, remember that these things can happen at any given time, and they will. When it comes to needing a plumber Perth has many, but few offer a 24/7 service so make sure that you have the number of a round the clock service.


A locksmith is vital to have on your contact list, lost your keys? Nobody else home? You’re going to need these guys to get you safely into your home. Of course, you could leave a spare key under a rock but that isn’t very security conscious and is certainly not recommended, find a great locksmith and get their number, you never know when your going to need them.


Sometimes there are things that go wrong in the home that you can fix yourself with some simple tools and a YouTube video, electrics absolutely do not fall into that category. When it comes to the subject of electrics, short of changing a fuse, you should leave it to the professionals and having an electrician on your contact list is very important. In the modern world, almost everything in the home is controlled in someway by electrical mechanisms and a loss of power can cause chaos. Find yourself a fully registered and trusted electrician that you can call on day and night should you experience problems.

Gas Engineer

Much like electrics, gas is something else in the home that you need to leave alone and an area that can be very dangerous should you experience problems with it. The dangers of a gas leak don’t just stop at health problems, you will also be running the risk of fires and explosions. The importance of gas cannot be stressed enough and it is for that reason that so many countries in the World require gas engineers to be fully registered and have their knowledge rigorously tested before they are allowed to work on gas systems in the home. Make sure that you have a number handy of an engineer who can get to your house with speed should you sense any kind of leak.