Disabilities, accidents, and chronic conditions are some of the reasons why some people opt to get a stairlift installed at home. It gives a sense of independence to people who would otherwise require assistance to move up and down the steps.

Manufacturers have been trying to incorporate modern advancements in technology to design devices that are comfortable, safe and affordable. You can have a stairlift installed today without having to break the bank or spawn a considerable home renovation project.


Comfort is an important factor to consider when buying a stairlift. This is particularly true if you have a condition that restricts the movement of your muscles and joints. You will need to acquire a device that can allow you to get on and get off the stairlift with ease.

Modern stairlifts have an ergonomic design that factors comfort. Some have features that allow you to take a near standing position so that you don’t have to bend your knees while on the seat. It may also include a remote control that allows you to call back the seat to your current position. This makes it convenient when more than one person is using the device. Some have multiple safety sensors that can stop the stairlift when it encounters an obstacle on its path.


The first versions of the device required extensive work to be done around the staircase when you want to install a stairlift. A modern stairlift install is much easier and requires considerably fewer resources. Manufacturers have developed designs that address some of the most complex problems that people initially had with installation.

The modern stairlifts have lightweight slide tracks that are made of lightweight materials such as aluminum and steel. They occupy a smaller space and some can be folded when not in use, to allow the staircase to be used by other people at home without obstructions.

They are also designed with slide tracks that make it easier for people with disabilities and health conditions to get on and off the seat. For example, some seats have a shorter slide track than the staircase and a swivel seat that can move around obstructions.


In the last decade, the prices of stairlifts have gone down significantly. The latest designs are easy to install. However, there are several factors that will determine the cost.

  • Straight or Curved Railing: A straight railing is simpler to install and therefore less costly than a curved one.
  • Length of the Railing: The length of the railing up the staircase will determine the cost.
  • Professional or Self Installation: Some manufacturers have developed products that customers can assemble and install at home. Professionals in the medical field, however, advise that the cost savings are not worth the risk.
  • Power Type: Modern devices can be run by the mains supply or by rechargeable batteries. You can find a stairlift that is economical and consumes less than most devices in your home.
  • Extra Features: Seat upgrades, swivel seats, safety features, e.t.c.
  • Running Costs: The device may need to be serviced by a qualified professional at least once a year. This may be covered by your warranty and some manufacturers can extend the warranty.