Knowing What You Can And Can't Put Into A Skip Bin can be confusing
Photo by CC user Edward on Wikimedia Commons.

Hiring a skip can be a great way to get rid of household and garden waste with ease and they can be delivered directly to a home or place of business, so there’s no need to worry about transporting the skip. However, there are a few rules about what can and can’t be put into a skip and it is usually a good idea to contact the skip hire company for information about what they allow to be placed into their skips and what is banned.

There are a few general rules when hiring a skip with regards to what can and can’t go inside it and it is possible to rent skips that range in size, so think about this to ensure that the skip will serve its purpose. Large skip bins in Joondalup to small skips in London can be organised online through a reputable rental company and upon hiring the skip it is best to check with the rental company what can be put into their skips.

Prohibited Items

Check out the following for some guidelines about what items should not be placed into a regular rented skip:

  • Asbestos

  • Liquids

  • Car tyres

  • Cat batteries

  • Wet paint tins

  • Food waste

Any reputable skip rental company will be happy t o provide advice about how to get rid of prohibited items, so anyone who has car tyres or batteries to get rid of – it is worth contacting them for advice.

Permitted Items

While a few items are prohibited, most household waste items can be put into a regular skip, including the following:

  • Garden waste such as tree cuttings

  • Clutter including old newspapers and magazines

  • Clothes

  • Electrical equipment like old lamps

  • Anything that has broken, such as plant pots or plates

  • Old furniture

  • Unwanted items including anything from old bicycles to books

People often rent skips when they want to clear out a house or a specific room and renting a skip when a garden needs to be cleared out is also extremely popular.

Property Clearances

If a property clearance is being done, then it is important to hire a professional removal company to handle the removal of any asbestos as it is a dangerous material to work with and it can never be put into a regular rented skip. However, some skip rental companies like will provide specialist skips that asbestos can be put into but it is important to only use a licensed operator to remove asbestos, so check this out on the company website.

Mixed Waste

Some rental companies will allow people to put mixed waste into a skip and again, this is something that the website will outline and this service is only usually provided by companies that have their own sorting yard.