Whether it is a house for you, your family member, or a close friend; due to aging or other health conditions; getting around can be difficult. Here are some tips for making a home more accessible. It is important to have a space that is enjoyable for everyone.

Don’t Forgot Outdoor Space
accessible raised garden

Many people concentrate on indoor spaces but an accessible garden or yard can be just as crucial, fresh air is proven to be good for you. So when thinking about making a yard more accessible, you want to start with a hard flat path, that prevents slipping, tripping and can be maneuvered on by a scooter, walker, or wheelchair.  Hanging plants are also a huge help for those who may have trouble bending over, as it will allow them to experience the joys of gardening, you can also accomplish this with raised flower beds and vegetable plots. So make sure don’t make the mistake of leaving out the outdoors when thinking of tips for making a home more accessible, including outdoor space is an important tip for making a home more accessible.

Clear Paths
One of the most crucial elements in creating an accessible indoor space is creating clear paths of travel. These means doors that are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair or walker and thresholds remain below a half inch. You also want to make sure there is not furniture to negotiate and there is plenty of room around corners. If you have stairs either a ramp, elevator, or stairlift may be essential, and though this may sound like a big expense, it can be done on a budget and even Stairlift prices can be affordable.

Bathrooms and Kitchens
Two crucial rooms for anyone are the bathroom and kitchens, as we all spend more time than we’d like to admit in both. Depending on the accessibility needs there are a plethora of options for the shower and bathtub, ranging from shower seats, to walk-in tubs, to wheelchair friendly showers. It is also a good idea to keep your water temperature below 120 degrees to prevent burns from shower and faucets. If turning the shower is a possible difficulty consider lever operated, push type and electronically controlled faucet options.

So whether you are fixing up a house for aging parents, a friend who needs a more accessible home, or want to build accessible properties keep these tips for tips for making a home more accessible are important to keep in mind. So while a property may be nice or beautiful for one, it could be frustrating and inaccessible for another. It is important to consider any possible visitors and tenants in a building because what is the point of having a lovely home if not everyone can enjoy it.