When it comes to trampolines and safety, many parents would never place the two words together. Trampolines were once labelled as one of the most dangerous toys for children, but one company is changing the stigma into something positive. Find out just how a single company is taking trampoline fun and setting new standards that are both safer than ever and very impressive to parents, using industry-leading safety measures.

Springfree Trampoline takes jumping play to a whole new level, by protecting jumpers from injury areas. For starters, the springs are eliminated from the entire design, and the metal frame is hidden well below the jumping mat. The SoftEdge mat provides all-around jumping safety while the FlexiNet puts jumpers right back where they belong, reducing falls. There is no outsourcing of component manufacture and every model is put together in-house, allowing parents to feel more confident in the construction of this new innovative trampoline.

Parents who want only the best for their children will be impressed by the awards Springfree has accumulated over their industry leading safety measures:

• The Parent Tested Parent Approved Award
• The US Family Choice Award
• The International Design Award

Springfree Trampoline Canada not only provides an excellent concept and design for safe trampoline jumping, but they also offer the world’s first smart trampoline. The company incorporates the tgoma digital game system into each model. This games allow adults and kids to become more active creating a healthy game experience while also promoting solo jumping and healthy competition by allowing jumpers to compare their stats with other jumpers worldwide. Thanks to great games like Ditto and Repeat Street, parents can trust that their kids have a reliable toy to play on where their chances of injury are greatly reduced.


As you conduct research and begin to whittle your list of potential backyard trampoline models down, the industry leading safety measures provided by Springfree Trampoline are sure to stand out.Parents around the world are happy to learn that

• tgoma is the world’s first outdoor interactive digital game system that encourages children to get outside and be active
• Technology is a great tool to encourage young minds in both learning and play. The statistics are staggering and parents sometimes struggle to balance ‘technology’ time with ‘outdoor active’ time
• Springfree in conjunction with tgoma shifts kids’ behavior from indoor sedentary play to outdoor active play. Rather than fight technology, tgoma helps parents to leverage technology to transform “screen time” from a sedentary, isolating activity to an engaging, healthy experience for the entire family
• tgoma offers a unique outdoor digital game experience that integrates all the benefits of Springfree Trampoline’s highest quality, and most innovative safety design features, which was developed by a team of world-class engineers.

With many awards and brilliant concepts in design and application, kids can jump the day away without the risk of falling, hitting metal frames, or getting stuck in springs — all while enjoying the most up to date digital games. It’s a great way to allow children to be children while keeping them safe at the same time.