New York is one of the most famous, beloved and visited cities in the world, and for good reason. It has some of the most fascinating sights to see such as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building.

It is also a massive cultural hub with showplaces like Madison Square Garden and is also home to Broadway. Needless to say, New York has a bit of everything and is one of the perfect places to visit with a group of people.

Planning a trip with multiple people can, however, prove to be stressful with many factors to be taken into consideration. It can be done with the following steps.

Choose a mode of transport

This is one of the most important things to consider as going with a group means that you need a reliable mode of transportation that can accommodate everyone as well as get around New York with relative ease.

There are charter tour bus rentals in New York to accommodate groups of any size. From minibusses to coach buses to school buses, you can let a professional driver shuttle your group around safely and comfortably.

This is one of your best options as it ensures that you get to your destination in time without having to worry about multiple stops along the way.

Choose a time

New York is particularly busy around certain times of the year and some of the attractions you might want to see might be fully booked.

If you can, aim to visit New York around a less busy time like spring. An added advantage of this is that many attractions will have lower ticket prices.

Conduct research on the least busy times in New York and if possible, plan your trip around those times.

Decide on your sights to see: When planning a private New York City tour, there will be different places that the various members of the group will want to visit.

Some attractions also require a lot of time to fully enjoy and a single attraction could set your schedule back by hours.

Before the tour kicks off, make a list of those places and decide on how much time can be spent at each. Give this list to your driver ahead of time and have him or her explain which stops will come first.

Also, some attractions and sights will be required prior booking so be sure to conduct research on each attraction beforehand and make a booking if needed.

Decide on entertainment

Just like with sights to see, there might be some former of entertainment that tour group members might want to enjoy.

This could mean a restaurant, a concert and so on. Again, have each group member specify where they would like to go and decide on which of the options your schedule can allow.

When you decide on the ones you want to see, conduct research about the place and if possible, make a reservation to avoid disappointment.

If all goes well, you should be able to complete your sightseeing as well as visit various entertainment spots.

Decide on a budget

Your budget affects every aspect of your trip and music he decided on before any planning even begins.

Write down your budget and look for services that fit within your range. This is another reason why you should consider visiting New York at less busy times to save on ticket prices.


A private group tour of New York might seem daunting to plan but doesn’t have to be. Follow the above guide to make your journey much easier and more enjoyable.