Most people look forward to a long life and enjoying their golden years. As much as many look forward to spending time with their grandchildren and retiring, old age isn’t always the restful experience it is touted to be.

Older people are known to suffer from a plethora of health issues and mental issues such as dementia and loneliness. That is why it is important to take active steps towards making the life of your elderly parents as easy and fulfilling as possible. If you have an elderly parent and wish to make their life better, take the following steps:

Get them good healthcare

One of the biggest causes of dissatisfaction in old age is poor health as the body begins to break down. If unchecked, poor health can lead to premature death, depression, and disability. As soon as possible, make sure your parent is registered in a reputable hospital and goes regularly for a check-up to treat any possible ailments ahead of time.

Also, as people get older, they will need to make some lifestyle changes such as cutting back on sugar, alcohol and red meat. As much as possible, help them with the transition to their new lifestyle by drawing up an eating plan, finding supermarkets that sell the healthy food they need, and so on.

Also, get them registered to some sort of light exercise programme to make sure they stay active even in their later years.

Equip their home

This is particularly important if you live far away from your elderly parents or if they live alone. Have a life alert button set up for them so that they may call for help if they are injured. If they live in a home with high stairs and have trouble climbing them, a stair lift will help a lot.

In their bathroom, make sure a bathing seat is installed to reduce the chance of them falling down, and have their medicines and food kept within easy reach to avoid them having to move around a lot.

Sign them up for hobbies

One of the biggest issues facing the elderly is loneliness, especially as their friends begin to pass on. To prevent this, sign your parent up for a regular hobby such as chess and volunteer work that will have other people of their age group. This gives them something to look forward to and to get out of bed for which will, in turn, give them a sense of purpose. Also, it will help them make new friends and companions.

Spend time with them

While good healthcare and hobbies are important, your parent will likely appreciate spending time with you and their grandchildren, if they have any. Call them regularly and visit them periodically to brighten their day and keep your bond.


Your parent getting old doesn’t mean they are damned to a life of dissatisfaction and loneliness. Take the above steps to make your elderly parents’ lives better.