There is a plethora of reasons as to why you might want to pop the questions in Montreal, one of the chicest cities in North America. From the romantic vibes that come along with hearing French everywhere, to good memories from a previous trip, or you think it’s a beautiful background for a life milestone, you cannot go wrong with a proposal in this gorgeous city.

That being said, there are things that you can do to make it one that your fiancée’s girlfriends will tear up listening to.

If your goal is to create a moment that your chosen one will be proud of when she retells it a million times (which she will inevitably have to), here are so things you might want to consider and plan on acing.


“Location, location, location.”— That may be a lame quote but it is as true in the proposal business as it is in the real estate one. Having an awesome backdrop for your important question is something that is worth mulling over but can be difficult to decide on when you don’t know the city that well. Here are some prime spots:

  • In a small restaurant in Old Port: these restaurants are small, intimate, and dripping with charm. It also creates a new memory in this city and can be a place that you come back to over and over to recount this moment in time.

  • On Mont Royal: In the middle of the city is a mountain. It’s not jagged but it is substantial enough to provide acres and acres of park space and a view that’s worth climbing for. There might be quite a few people if you go to the main terrace, but you’ll have lots of privacy if you stick to the more wooded parts of the mountain. You will already be flushed with exertion and she won’t notice your heart racing from nerves as you prepare to get down on one knee.

  • Botanical Gardens: You’re surrounded by flowers, shrubs, trees, and natural beauty. Just capitalize on the magic of the gardens and let it help you in securing you your future spouse.

Dress Nicely

Nicely doesn’t have to be super formal, but do find some sort of sense of style to go with. Montreal is home to all kinds of fashionistas and you don’t want to be the odd guy out. Give her a new appreciation for how you look and dress yourself. Don’t feel confident about it? Ask her to help you shop in Montreal’s Mile End and find a look that will suit you and she will like as well. It’s a win-win situation. She might even ask you to marry you right there and then!

Treat Her like a Queen

After you propose, are you going to go “home” to someone star hostel you booked earlier? No—you should be staying at one of the best Montreal hotels, celebrating your love! Book a couple’s massage for the next day and maybe give her some alone time for her to get her nails done and call her family and friends while you share the news with your people while sipping a beer at a pub nearby.

Be Prepared with the Camera

Not everyone can afford a photographer to hide in the bushes and capture that sweet proposal moment. However, you can ask a stranger to take a photo while that newly engaged glow is still on you or even have a polaroid camera along with you for a timeless memento to cherish. Depending on your partner, she might even be in for an engagement photo shoot in the next day or two while you’re still in Montreal, which would be great for announcements and such!

Now all you need is the confidents. Oh, and the ring! If you haven’t quite found the right rock and you and your fiancée have been talking seriously about marriage for a while, you might want to go ring shopping together in one of the “old world” style jewelry stores in Montreal and leave the proposal until next time.

Good luck!