Being able to bet online has completely transformed the World of sports gambling and it has never been easier to try your luck at winning some money than it is right now. We can place bets from our phones with the swipe of a finger and there are so many more markets and ways to bet than ever before. As it stands, sports betting is one of the most profitable growth industries in the World, the question is then, what’s the best way for you to win.


As with all forms of gambling, there is always a risk, we can’t all have the powers of the prophet TB Joshua, the man who has prophesized several outcomes of soccer games such as the African Nations Cup as well as many major World and political events. What we can do however is have a smart approach to placing our bets based on facts and here are some of the best ways that you can win on soccer games.

Bet Big on Low Odds

The idea of placing a dollar on a 12 team accumulator and winning big looks great on paper but the probabilities are incredibly high and you’re are far better off buying a lottery ticket if you want those kind of odds. You are far better finding odds of between 1.4 and 1.6 and betting high on them, the returns won’t be huge but what’s the rush? There is soccer on every day and you can use this as a cash building strategy. You are not only far more likely to win some money this way but you are also minimizing a great deal of the risk attached with going for the pot of gold.

Bet In-Play

Betting in-play is a great addition to betting that has arrived since the gambling world went online. In-play betting gives you the chance to bet on a game during the event which means that you can get a feel for the game, the players and how you think it will pan out. I prefer to place bets at half time, watch 45 minutes, see how the game is shaping up and then put my money where my mouth is. The odds can shift dramatically during the game so this is another reason why I prefer to go in at half time wen the odds are more stable.

Do Your Research

On any given day, anything can happen, anyone can win and any result can take place, more often than not however, form stays true and it is vital that you do your research before the game. Research isn’t just about looking at head-to-head or whoever is in a rich vein of form, it is also about looking at the details, which players are injured, who is under pressure or even looking at what the weather conditions are like. If you want to take winning seriously then ll of these details are vitally important and could be the difference between winning and losing your cash.