Your bathroom is no longer a place where the necessities of life are performed; your bathroom is a place where you get ready for the day, where you unwind at the end of the working day and where you can get the privacy you need – away from the hectic, everyday noise that surrounds you. When you’re installing your bathroom, you need to have that in mind. You also have to consider your space, your water consumption, and the people who will use the commodities there. It’s exactly for these reasons that the shower cubicle is such a great solution. Ever wonder what to include in your bathroom? Here’s why it’s always better to have a shower cubicle in your bathroom.

Saving space

When you install a bath, there’s a lot of space that gets eaten – and the sad thing is that we usually don’t take a bath every day, or even every two days. In other words, the bath is often dead space – not used and inconvenient. This problem is easily solved with a shower cubicle or cabin; it’s used very often, and requires only a fraction of what a bath would require. This leaves more space in your bathroom, and hence, more room to move freely and conveniently.

Saving time

ID-100158911We’re all busy nowadays – the global competition is real and affects all of us. Taking a shower is a very practical method of cleansing ourselves (it’s more hygienic than the tub, for example) in a minimum of time. Furthermore, it’s very easy to maintain – and this is great news for the people responsible for the regular upkeep of the bathroom.

Getting clean

Yes, it’s truly more hygienic – simply because the water immediately runs away into the drain (together with the dirt, the scum of the soap, and all other debris) rather than remain around you (as would be the case if you’re taking a bath).


The shower is the best choice when it comes to costs – in every single way. A shower cabin is cheaper to install (initial investment), more economical per usage (you consume less water and less heating), and easier to clean.

Here’s more great news, especially for those who are environmentally conscious and want to lessen their carbon footprint on the world: the shower cubicle is far cleaner and more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than other alternatives, such as the bath. A quick shower can rejuvenate and cleanse you with only about 20% of the water consumption a normal bath would require. Furthermore, there are special showerheads that actually allow you to save water – and allow you to experience the nature-inspired sensation of a rain shower. And technology is making it better all the time. The shower cubicle offers advantages no other means of bathing can offer.

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