There are certain things that you will see on college campuses across the country each and every year without fail. Often these kind of things are seasonal and as someone who has spent the last 3 years at college, I wanted to introduce to some of the things that you are likely to see this fall, if you are heading into your first year at college.

Jumpers and Tees

The refusal to stop wearing a t-shirt just because the weather has turned for the worst is exemplified by the t-shirt on top of a jumper combo. Expect to see this many times as the fall sets in.

Multiple People, Same Clothes

Fashion trends at colleges get around pretty quick and as people try to adapt to the ever-changing fashions, you will inevitably spot people together, wearing identical outfits from bomber jackets to those weird big little shirts. Equally you will see many frat boys and sorority sister rocking their new lettered shirts with pride.

Sports Fans, Everywhere

As the sports season takes off in September, you can expect to see the students that have come from around the country wearing their favorite home team colors. As sports fever takes over, the campus will become a smorgasbord of sports fans from all over the place.

Flip Flops

Students are pretty much immune to rules of fashion and it will not be at all out of place for you to spot a number of people wearing flip flops come rain sleet or shine. Wet feet is nothing to the modern day college student.


The reluctance to get out of bed for class can be seen in all of its glory when you lay eyes on a  student rocking up to the lecture hall in a onesie or in their pajamas. Many will claim that they are clean pajamas and they just opted for them for comfort, the truth is very different.

Sleeping Students

The dark nights and the toll of college life starts to take its toll on students come the fall and you can expect to see students sleeping just about everywhere.


So many students go to a college with their BFF and by fall time, they have realized that there are cooler people out there to mingle with and their friend becomes a relic of the past. Expect  to see catty glares and public snubs.

Stressed Out Students

By the time we get into the heart of fall, students are starting to realize just how much work they have ignored during September and you can expect to see some highly stressed out college students.

Social Media Lies

On social media, it appears that everyone is having the best time ever at college, the truth is usually very different and you should ensure that you don’t feel bad when you see the posts online, the people posting are likely to be stressed to death.


The time goes so damn fast in college that by the time you even realize that fall has come, you will be hurtling into the midst of winter. They say college days don’t last forever, and that rings so very true to anyone who has been.