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Can you say with 100 percent certainty that you are happy with where you career is at right now?

If the answer is no, do you plan to do change that moving forward in 2017?

For many professionals, the New Year offers an opportunity to turn around what in many cases prove to be careers just treading water.

In the event you are one of those people, there are opportunities out there for you to turn your career in a more positive direction, one that is even quite healthy.

That said will you have a healthier approach to improving your career in 2017?

Assessing Where Your Career is Headed

So that you can have your career headed in the right direction in the New Year and beyond, take some time now to assess where you are at.

For instance, if you work in a healthcare setting, you know all too well how important an education is. That said it is more than just having a high school degree etc.

Countless healthcare professionals are tasked with some of the most important and stressful jobs there are. As a result, having as much education on their resume as possible only benefits them.

With that being the case, have you thought about whether or not you need more education in sustaining a lifelong career in healthcare? If you feel like that is the case, the idea of obtaining an online bachelor of science degree may be the right choice.

By having such a degree, you can enhance your opportunities at a variety of settings, among which would be health departments, medical clinics, hospitals, and other jobs with ties to healthcare.

If you are concerned that trying to get an online degree will hamper you in your present job, keep in mind that online degrees are quite popular these days. Not only can professionals study on their own time schedule, but they do not have to worry about long commutes to classes etc. In the end, an online degree tied to the healthcare industry may be just the prescription you need for more success.

Avoid Becoming Stuck in a Rut

One of the dangers countless professionals have to avoid is becoming stuck in a rut.

That rut can oftentimes lead to careers that are long on stress and short on satisfaction. If you happen to be in the healthcare industry, you know all too well the hours and demands that are typically placed on you. As a result, burnout can oftentimes set in sooner rather than later.

With that being the case, one of the ways to typically avoid such a rut is having the best job possible.

Obtaining such a job usually requires you to have as much education as you can get your hands on. If you are pursuing another job in the healthcare field at this time, the more education on your resume, the better your chances of getting in the door for an interview.

Although many higher-end jobs do require long hours and important decision making, you also in many cases have an opportunity to run a department and/or be your own boss.

Another reason to have your necessary education up to speed is that you will more likely be updated on the latest technological innovations in the healthcare field.

As medicine and medical procedures continue to evolve, the last thing you want is falling behind the eight ball when it comes to your education and job skills. If you do decide to look elsewhere for a job note that your level of education will oftentimes be compared to others fighting for that same position.

If the idea of going after an online bachelor of science degree sounds appealing, be sure to start reviewing where to get it from.

When all is said and done, it could be the healthiest career choice you will end up making.