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Whether you have a University of Southern California Master of Public Health Online or you’re just a weekend warrior watching CNN, you saw the water crisis in Flint was unprecedented. Today we bring you an infographic about the entire incident with a lot more information you probably didn’t know.


One of the most popular countries to visit in Asia with your loved ones is Singapore. This modern island nation has a lot of awe-inspiring tourist attractions, excellent food, and amazing activities to offer to all its visitors. Choosing this city to spend your vacation with the people you love is definitely one of the best decisions you will ever make. Aside from the common tourist spots and activities Singapore offers to all travelers from across the globe, it also has some romantic places that you and your special someone can visit. Though Singapore is not your top choice for…

…sterreichische Galerie

Prinz Eugen von Savoyen (1663-1736), der bedeutendste Feldherr seiner Zeit und legendŠre Oberbefehlshaber des kaiserlichen Heeres im Kampf gegen die TŸrken ("Prinz Eugen, der edle Ritter"; Reiterdenkmal auf dem  Heldenplatz), lie§ sich dieses Gartenpalais von Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt als Sommersitz vor den Toren der damaligen Stadt erbauen. Das Schlo§, das als eines der schšnsten barocken Bauwerke der Welt gilt, wurde nach Eugens Tod vom Haus Habsburg erworben; zuletzt wohnte hier Thronfolger Erzherzog Franz Ferdinand (ermordet in Sarajewo 1914). Nach †bergang des Belvederes in Staatsbesitz wurde in seinen RŠumen die …sterreichische Galerie eingerichtet.

Oberes Belvedere
Sammlungen des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts
3, Prinz-Eugen-Stra§e 27
Das prachtvolle Bauwerk, 1720-23 entstanden, ist das Meisterwerk Hildebrandts. Das Obere Belvedere wurde von Prinz Eugen nicht bewohnt, sondern fŸr festliche, reprŠsentative AnlŠsse benŸtzt. In dem mit rotem Marmor ausgekleideten Mittelsaal wurde am 15. Mai 1955 der …sterreichische Staatsvertrag von den Vertretern …sterreichs, der USA, Gro§britanniens, Frankreichs und der Sowjetunion unterzeichnet. Damit ging die zehnjŠhrige Besetzung des Landes nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg zu Ende. 
	Im Oberen Belvedere zeigt die …sterreichische Galerie - nicht nur šsterreichische, sondern auch internationale - Kunst des 19. und 20. Jh.s: Die grš§te Sammlung von Werken Klimts, Schieles und Kokoschkas, prominente Werke des franzšsischen Impressionismus, die bedeutendste Sammlung von Werken des Wiener Biedermeier (WaldmŸller, Amerling, Fendi) und weiters GemŠlde von Romako, Makart, Boeckl, Wotruba, Hausner, Lehmden, Hundertwasser u. a.

One of Europe’s most interesting cities is none other than, Vienna. Austria’s capital allures with a classical nostalgia combined with a unique and creative cultural scene. No matter what your interests, this central-European city offers something from history, culture, and art to outdoor activities, nightlife, shopping, and a sophisticated culinary scene. Here are a few things not to miss on your next trip to Austria. Museums Quarter (MQ) The very Museums Quarter is a very centrally located, world-class cultural complex  showcased in an architecturally fascinating combination of baroque as well as future-oriented design by architects Ortner&Ortner. With more than 60,000 square meters of usable floor space…


Bone is the essential thing to maintain a good body and health. Maintaining the bone is easier in the adolescence but it is difficult with the growing age. It is important to consume right food filled with high amount of protein and mineral. Many individual go through bone disease called as Osteoporosis. And as the age grows the problem grows. There are two types of osteoporosis exercises important for maintaining bone density: Weight Bearing Muscle Strengthening The combination of weight bearing and muscle strengthening is essential for the bone density to be maintained and build. Weight-bearing Exercises– These exercises includes…

tokyo extra

Planning a trip to Tokyo can be a pretty overwhelming task to do. How do you decide where to stay in a city so big? How do you get around if you don’t speak the language? etc. Google what the Tokyo metro map looks like and you might start having anxiety now! Thankfully, the Japanese are very organized and everything that you need to read like street signs, train maps, etc is in English as well. Google maps is also synced with the public transit and schedules so it is a fantastic way to help you navigate the city with relative ease. At…


There was a time when cellular phones were as large as a brick, and had about the same appeal. Their functions were painfully basic – they could initiate and receive voice calls. Later the SMS service was added to their repertory, and that was about it. What followed was mostly cosmetic – the screens that were once monochrome have got colors, the phones got cameras and music player capabilities, and other functions – such as the ability to run Java games – that were mostly useless. Until 2007, when something important happened. The pre-iPhone era The concept of a phone…

dedicing on selling a business in New York image

Have recent events in your industry and personal life led you to ponder the possibility of selling your business in New York? While you might be seriously considering stepping away from the captain’s wheel, know that the process is a lengthy and complicated one (which often involves preparatory steps like conducting a business valuation in New York), and once it is complete, you can’t undo it. By asking yourself the following questions, or consulting a business broker in New York like A. Neumann & Associates, you can be sure that you are undertaking the biggest event in your business career…

Saving money

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The showpiece event in the international rugby calendar, the World Cup, is almost upon us, with the 20 best rugby-playing nations battling it out for the prestigious Webb-Ellis Trophy. England are the hosts, with a little bit of assistance from Wales in the shape of their fantastic Millennium Stadium, and Stuart Lancaster will be hoping that the Twickenham crowd can whip up their famous atmosphere to help spur his players on. Lancaster has just announced his 31 man squad for the tournament, and whilst some observers were surprised with his omission of Danny Cipriani – and the inclusion of Rugby League…

Tech conference

Chicago’s technology sector is one of the fastest-growing in the nation. The third most populous city in the United States also has the third-highest growth in tech jobs, at a rate of 25.8 percent between 2010 and 2013. Behind only Seattle and Houston, the Windy City is quickly proving its importance in the innovative tech industry. If you’re looking to shake hands with cutting-edge professionals and top thinkers in this field, Chicago is a great place to do it. These popular hot spots and major events are all great places for Chicago techies to network… Tech Tuesday at the Graffiti Lounge…