Planning a trip to Tokyo can be a pretty overwhelming task to do. How do you decide where to stay in a city so big? How do you get around if you don’t speak the language? etc.

Google what the Tokyo metro map looks like and you might start having anxiety now! Thankfully, the Japanese are very organized and everything that you need to read like street signs, train maps, etc is in English as well. Google maps is also synced with the public transit and schedules so it is a fantastic way to help you navigate the city with relative ease. At the train stations, there is an info/security desk most always and the guard will help you buy a ticket to wherever you’re going. They are used to doing it as there is a large amount of international tourism in Tokyo.

People might seem pretty busy and not very engaging when you’re walking around, but if you stop someone and ask politely, many speak basic English and will be happy to help you, especially the younger generation.

Tokyo has so many things to see and do for every interest that sometimes it’s hard to find where to even look. Whether you’re interested in world-class museums, gastronomy, unique Japanese culture, nature, nightlife, etc, there is something for you, it’s just hard to know where to start looking! Luckily, there is a pretty cool new series called Tokyo Extra that showcases lots of awesome things to do in Tokyo in fun, short videos. Here’s one below so you can check it out!