What online games have the best odds? Craps can have a miniscule house edge ... photo by CC user cjmartin on Flickr

About to hit the tables on the internet, and wondering what online games have the best odds? This article will suggest three games that will give you the best fighting chance of ending your night out a winner.

1) Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the best games for those seeking the best possible odds as a player, as the house edge can pared down to a meager 0.5% with the use of optimal strategy. By studying a Black odds chart before sitting down to play the game in an online casino.

Another thing to watch for are variations in the standard rules of blackjack. Many sites will offer variants of the game under a variety of fun sounding names like Vegas Strip or Spanish 21, but that’s often because they have changed the rules to increase their edge.

By sticking to proper Blackjack, you can give yourself the best possible chance of walking away from the tables a winner on any given night. Ready to try your utmost to beat the dealer? Go ahead and visit netbet casino website tonight!

2) Craps

While craps may lack the excitement of the crowds that gather when a certain dice roller is on a hot streak, following a certain protocol of betting can shave the house’s edge down to the width of a razor blade, which can set the table for many exciting sessions of online gaming.

If you know which spots on the table where one should avoid laying down a bet, you get the house’s advantage as low as 0.02% in some cases. While most don’t succeed in getting that close to the breakeven line, this fact allows for many wild swings, some of them being strongly in your favor (other streaks will work against you though – so make sure you only play with money you can afford to lose).

3) Video Poker

A favored version of one of the world’s most popular card games for many people, video poker (known as the pokies by many Australians) allows to attempt the make the best five card hand possible in the pursuit of making big money.

Casinos tilt this game in their favor by forcing you to make jacks or better and limiting payouts on weaker hands, but by exercising smart game selection and going with the maximum wager allowed when it comes to your bets, you can push the odds closer to the break even mark.