Every knows the facts, we see it on billboards, on the packets themselves and from the number of people who are dying from related diseases, smoking is incredibly damaging to your health. On top of the clear health risks are also the disgusting smells, the stained teeth and the financial implications that smokers are faced with and if you are a smoker, you too will know only too well these potential health problems and other issues caused by smoking.

The difficulty is first deciding that you want to quit smoking, your reasons are irrelevant, it could be any number of those that have just been mentioned, the second, and far more difficult step is actually quitting. Kicking the habit and the substance addiction can be tough and here are some ways that you can make it easier.



There are some great replacements out there now for cigarettes by way of the e-cigarette, a harmless tool that you smoke in the exact same way as a cigarette, it contains nicotine but none of the aggressive and dangerous chemical substances that can be found in a normal cigarette. The market has exploded with what is called vaping, the cigarette replacement that in some areas has become more popular than smoking itself, and there are hundreds of different types of smoking kits, vape mods, flavors and styles available. If you want to kick smoking, but can’t quit give up the habit then vaping is of you.

Weaning Off

When it comes to quitting the smokes, there are some great products available to you that can help you get over the first steps of giving up. Nicotine patches are a great way of doing this, you simply place them on your arm when the time comes to give up, they will slowly release nicotine into your system. As the weeks progress you will lower the dosage of the nicotine patch and eventually live life without one.

Another great product is the Champix tablet, you take a dosage of the tablets each day whilst you are still smoking and then you continue taking the tablets for up to 3 months after stopping. These tablets train your brain to dislike cigarettes and the taste changes in your mouth leaving the thought of a smoke distasteful.

Keeping Occupied

If you decide to give up smoking then you’re going to need to find something to replace the habits with your hands and your mouth. Throughout the years you will have become so used to the actions of smoking that you can’t simply stop doing it. Eating fruit and veg can be a great help here, eating helps generally but the last think you want is to gain 50lbs just because you quit smoking. Chop up things like carrots, cucumber, apple and peppers and eat them throughout the day, this will keep your hands and mouth busy and stop you thinking about cigarettes for a while.

Try to reward yourself when you go a day without smoking, maybe buy something with the money that you’ve saved or go to the cinema, anything to make you feel good.