The term “low carbohydrate diet plan” can be variable surprisingly. As a consequence, the results might differ too. Why is it so? This is because when the question of low carbohydrate comes up, it is not always mentioned the quantity of carbohydrate that makes it really low! So, do they work? Yes these diets do work. Individuals that have embarked upon this diet plan have been found to lose considerable amount of weight. Interestingly, the weight loss that takes place in the initial phases is mainly due to loss of fluid from the body and weight reduction due to fat loss comes later on. The concept is that when you consume lower quantities of carbohydrate, the amount of insulin produced in the body is reduced considerably. This in turn compels the body to use up fat that has accumulated over a period of time for the various activities.

Calories and low carbohydrate diets

When the question of low carb diet plan comes, it has been observed that individuals that switch to low intake of carbohydrates roughly consume calories that amount to 1500 calories to 1600 calories per day. And this explains why in the initial stages, weight loss is faster as the fluid is lost from the body but thereafter, the rate at which weight is lost is comparatively slower and steady. If you are not taking adequate carbohydrate, you have to eat food that is high in protein content. This will eventually make you feel fuller for a longer period of time.

From feedback and reviews for low carbohydrate diet plans, it was found that it is undoubtedly effective and many individuals have lost adequate weight that was steady although, to attain the right body weight with this type of diet can take up to a period of 2 years.

But the only complain that has been spoken of is that in the event individuals had to follow stringent eating rules and schedules, many individuals found it difficult to continue with this type of diet plan. As such, the experts are of the opinion that even if you are on low carbohydrate diet, it is best not to restrict intake of carbohydrate that is stringent. Instead, the restriction can be moderate. This in turn will enable you to attain your goals better. Also, the hard work and efforts to lose weight will yield better results.

Are low carbohydrate diets healthy?

Although, the diet plan has been found to be effective, there have been many instances, when individuals have complained of constipation. This is because these diet plans have low fiber content due to which constipation is a common side effect. Also, you need to incorporate a multivitamin in your daily diet.

If followed as per strict guidelines, it has been found to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. But kidney is one organ that might be adversely affected with this type of diet plan. So, if you already suffer from kidney disorder, it is recommended that you seek advice from a medical practitioner prior to starting the diet regime. However, effect of this diet plan over a period of time needs to be ascertained first (the long term effects).