Conventional football grounds are good to play, but with changing needs of the infrastructure, increasing vertical development in urban areas, and lack of open space has given rise to football grounds on upper floors or indoor areas of the buildings. This space is covered with artificial grass or turf. Altered playing surface have also popped up the need for altering the footwear. Special turf soccer shoes designed to make the turf game effective on this artificial grass grounds are introduced by all popular football shoes brands.

Your subpar soccer shoes won’t work for the turf soccer as you need to maintain appropriate traction that assures stoppage on time for perfect maneuvering of ball. The light shoes would offer good grip on the surface and better ball control. The new age gaming is best controlled by these new age shoes offered by all big brands. Amongst various available choices, the top 5 turf soccer shoes grabbing the attention worldwide are given here.

  1. Nike Mercurial Victory V TF – Designed to perfection, Nike Mercurial Victory V TF are the shoes worth giving a try. The upper part if made from durable and soft synthetic leather, which offers snug fit and soft feel. Nike understands what is needed for the best game, and includes all the desired features in the design. Protection of feet is also ensured with padding all around the ankle and heel. Happy feet would result into happy game. The design is all about perfect grip and better control that one expects from the turf shoes. TPU outsole is great choice for hard surfaces. It provides acceleration while keeping you protected.
  1. PUMA evoPOWER 3.2 TT– The entire range of PUMA evoPOWER is designed to give you extra kicking power. The light weight shoes weighing only 9.2 ounces would be good to run around on the ground without tiring your feet. It fits well on feet due to the asymmetrical lace closure. The upper part of the shoes showcases embossed GripTex treatment for improved control on ball, whereas the well-engineered sole ensures better control on ground. For feet comfort, there is a cushioned midsole too.
  1. Adidas Mundial Team – Ideal shoes for natural and artificial grounds. This versatile pair of shoes can be used on different surfaces with equal efficiency. The upper part is made of kangaroo leather that is soft and light weight. The softness of the leather makes it ideal for guiding ball. There is cushioning provided atfoot bridge to offer protection when the player moves around the ball with nimble moves and swift turning. The soft rubber soul in Mundial Team protects the knees and foot bed against jerks and force exerted by the hard turf. Suede strip is also there for added protection.
  1. Nike Tiempo Legacy TF –Nike’s Tiempo Legacy is made out of waterproof calf leather that gives soft feel on ground. The durable and strong construction of the shoes gives you the confidence of hitting the ball right at the target. In order to increase traction and reduce jerking movement, these shoes are provided with rubber studs specially designed for turf soccer. You will be amazed by the effect of EVA sock liner present along with full-length Phylon midsole that reduces pressure by increasing the cushioning under your feet.
  1. Lotto Futsal Pro VII TF –Breathable upper is designed with holes and grids that allow air to pass through. It is designed with Dry Out Technology to keep your feet cool during the game. It is made out of durable upper for best gaming experience. Advanced Puntoflextechnology give your foot the natural flexibility to increase energy levels.

If you are looking beyond the top 5 turf soccer shoes then make sure you find the most suitable pair of shoes that increases your game efficiency, reducesjerks and foot pressure, keeps the feet cool, and ensures full-proof protection. All these can be achieved when your shoes have following features –

  • Light in weight for easy movements.
  • Soft material for quick turning movements.
  • Breathable upper for feet cooling.
  • Rubber studs designed for proper grip on the hard surface for quick stoppage and full control.
  • Cushioning in sole and all around to offer utmost protection.
  • Durable finish for confident game.

Turf soccer shoes are not very different from regular shoes in terms of sizing. You can buy them online by following the simple size chart given there. would guide you in selecting your turf shoes, and have major brands listed. There are different shoes for different game levels like entry, professional, casual, and performance based games. Checkout for discounts usually offered during sale periods or special days to make sure that you get the game changer turf shoes much in your budget.