You may be looking for a fun night out in Perth with your friends or family or a relaxed drink after work with colleges or friends or even a corporate cocktail event, and may be wondering which are the best cocktail bars that you could try out. Below is a list of the top 5 based on reviews from review websites.

  1. Hula Bula Bar – Rum-based Tiki cocktails in a colorful bar decorated with quirky Polynesian masks and palm trees. There are also exotic tropical drinks and the top secret recipe Hula Bula.
    Rated 4.5/5 by customers.
  2. Helvetica – Eclectic, intimate bar with retro-chic atmosphere, serving global whiskeys and snacks.
    Rated 4.4/5 by customers.
  3. Wolf Lane, Perth – Cocktails mixed in distressed-brick mezzanine space with vintage armchairs and fairy-tale murals. Wolf Lane’s knowledgeable staff can mix drinks to suit any occasion.
    Rated 4.3/5 by customers.
  4. Gramercy Bar and Kitchen – Classy cocktail bars in Perth, serving fine food, coffee, craft beer and pub classics served in a casual, light-filled space with leafy park views. It may be worth taking a look at to see the inside photos and drinks menus.
    Rated 4/5 by customers.
  5. Bobeche – Dimly-lit basement bar for late-night shareable plates, sandwiches and classic cocktails in teapots. Bobeche take inspiration from the golden era of cocktails and work on perfecting the classics.
    Rated 4/5 by customers.

You may be looking to share the experience with a large group so ordering a teapot cocktail could be the perfect thing. You will look very sophisticated with your teapot, cup, and saucer. It might be worth a look at the websites so you can view the cocktail list before you even get there. This is a great great way to keep yourself motivated and excited about your upcoming night out, especially if you’re stuck in the office on a Friday night and just can’t wait to get out for the weekend.

There’s a cocktail bar in Perth to suit every taste and personality. You may be looking for a chilled atmosphere, prefer something vintage or crave a crazy, colorful night out. It’s always worth having a look through the reviews as they can give you the heads-up on the best cocktail so you have an idea what to order before you even get there. Remember thou that reviews are just individual opinions and should be used as a guide. Be open minded. You can stick to your favorite cocktail or be spontaneous and try something new.

Cocktail bars are a great choice for any event, be it a wedding or corporate event. It’s sure to raise a smile as the staff can mix any cocktail suited to the particular event. You can also choose to have snacks or a sit-down meal for many guests so it’s highly versatile and memorable. The other advantage of cocktail bars is they are very welcoming of guests who walk in without booking in advance which is normally something that restaurants, for example, may struggle with.