Many people in the UK have legitimate Brexit concerns

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The UK is holding a referendum on the 23rd June 2016 to decide whether the people want to stay in the EU or leave, however recent research reveals that neither campaigns for the referendum have given a clear answer whether the UK will be better off in the EU or out of it according to university students, who have serious Brexit concerns. In addition they also felt that neither campaign cares about their views or concerns. Also the majority of students are concerned about what will happen if we do leave.

The research which can be read in full on the Independent shows that both campaigns have put forward plenty of soundbites and crazy statistics but neither have given students at university a clear answer as to what will happen if the UK votes leave.

The research was conducted by My Voucher Codes who work closely with students to help save them money and they are always looking to stand up for student rights.

The found that 64% of university students worry about what will happen if we leave Europe, mainly travelling around Europe and working across Europe.

In addition they are also concerned about the cost effect leaving the EU will have, namely on going to university a possible raise in interest rates and universities losing their EU funding.

The students said:

Both campaigns seem inherently biased and it’s difficult to access impartial views”

There has been a lot of scaremongering however there has been no clear statistics as to what will happen with both sides using ambiguous stats to support their own argument”

Mudslinging campaigns that feel designed to discredit the other rather than reinforce their own argument although the in campaign feels more credible”

Their main concerns were:

  1. Harder to travel around Europe – 64%
  2. Harder to gain work in Europe – 49%
  3. Effect on employment after university – 46%
  4. Loss of funding for education from EU grants – 45%
  5. Making it harder to study in Europe – 41%
  6. Rises in interest rates of loans – 38%
  7. Harder for collaborations between UK and European universities – 28%
  8. Those from Europe facing higher fees to study in the UK – 17%
  9. Issues for EU nationals currently studying in UK – 15%
  10. Less protection for workers’ rights – 13%

With only a couple of weeks to go before people head to the polls its concerning that so many people feel that they don’t know where to stand, instead of mudsling with each other with personal attacks the In and Out campaigns should be focused on connecting with the younger generations of the UK, those most likely to be affected. As students get more frustrated with the process we could see many not voting at all.