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Whether you’re looking at a list of sex crime attorneys or you have already hired a sex crimes attorney, there are various different questions that you’ll want to ask your attorney during the interview process or first meeting. Though you may find yourself prepared for all of the questions they’ll be throwing your way regarding both yourself and the case at hand, you’ll want to make sure that you also get your questions in, as it is very important to understand what your sex crimes attorney plans to do for you as well as what to expect during the case process. Here you’ll find a list of questions to ask your attorney before you go to trial.

What kind of investigation will be conducted?

The first thing you’ll want to find out is how and what kind of investigation will be had. This will then lead to other questions regarding the different stages of the investigation and what will happen in each stage. The more you know, the more prepared you’ll be. Your attorney should have no problem answering this question along with its associated questions, so don’t be shy about asking it.

Is an attack on the credibility of the accuser an option?

Sometimes your lawyer can form a credibility attack on your accuser. These attacks are comprised of history points that show your accuser in a negative light.

Should character letters on your behalf be written?

Though this may sound silly in some way, character letters written on our behalf by family members, friends, past and current employers and community members can help to identify you as a stable, non violent person. These in turn can help a ruling go one way or another, especially if there are no psychical signs of sexual abuse. If you have the option of attaining these letters, more often than not, your attorney will recommend them.

Can a medial expert be used to refute physical findings of sexual abuse?

More than likely, the opposing party will have already completed some sort of medical evaluation. These evaluations consist of a medical professional completing a series of tests to determine if there is indeed any sexual harm. If you feel that the medical findings are false, you can sometimes order a new one, or get a second opinion.

Can a psychological evaluation be ordered on yourself?

Sometimes in court you’ll find the attorney on either side of the case present a psychological evaluation of some sort. These evaluations are used as a way to either showcase a stable mental state or to deny the existence of one. If you feel that your mental state is clear, then one may help your cause.

There are numerous more questions that can be asked during your sex crimes defense and trial, but these may serve as the more important ones to ask. If your sex crimes attorney has no issue with answering any of these questions, then you know you’ve got the right person on your side. If you find that instead your chosen attorney skirts around the questions or avoids them altogether, then it’s time to hire a new one.