Struggling for ideas on where to go for your family vacation this year? With so many places to visit in the world today it’s hard to find the right vacation to go on, especially with a young family. It’s difficult to find the right combination where it pleases the adults as well the little ones.


This year a friend of mine suggested Costa Rica family vacations and to be honest id never given much thought about Costa Rica before, well what a surprise it was one of the best vacations my family and I have ever been on. There was so much to see and do, the place was just magical.

Costa Rica is in Central America sandwiched between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, so as you could imagine there is some glorious golden sandy beaches to be seen, which we took full advantage of. But when we wasn’t lazing the day away on a beach we took day trips into some of the most magnificent rainforests we had ever seen. With spectacular volcanos and some excellent wild life to be seen, it’s a must for any nature lover, we even managed to see the elusive spider monkey swinging around the trees which my son thought was amazing.

My eldest son was really excited when he booked himself on a Costa Rica scuba diving adventure, he enjoyed it so much that he booked a second course the day after, he saw all sorts of fish including a white tip shark. But for me I really enjoyed the white water rafting that Costa Rica has to offer, I’ve never felt so scared in all my life but the funny thing is I’d do it again, it was just so much fun.

The evening times were also a special time with lovely sunsets to be seen while we ate our evening meals in some really nice restaurants serving up some of the best food, I never though black beans and rice could be so tasty. But what made it even more special was the atmosphere which was mainly due to Costa Ricans hospitality, never once did they make us feel unwelcome.

All in all this was a fantastic vacation, there is so many adventures to be had here and so much to do we were never once bored. It was an action packed, full of fun vacation that the whole family enjoyed.

Would we go back? Most definitely.