Even those who’ve never been to sunny Sydney feel like they know it. This iconic city is the first place people think of when Australia comes to mind. It’s a curious phenomenon because the region is not – as most believe – the capital of the country. That title belongs to Canberra.

However, Sydney is arguably more famous. It is the glamorous face of Australia and a land of opportunity for entrepreneurs. With its thriving culinary and arts scenes, there’s always something get excited about. For businesses, there’s no better place to launch.

Fortunately, it is easy to find office space in Sydney. There is a broad variety of options available, from luxury suites to super flexible virtual leases. Keep reading to learn more.

Picking the Right Type of Office

Sydney is home to an abundance of office spaces, but most come with rigid terms. It’s one of the reasons some entrepreneurs are now turning to alternative options. If a three or five-year ‘lock-in’ lease just doesn’t suit, don’t be afraid to try something different.

In central Sydney, where all the action happens, you’ll find flexible leases too. For instance, virtual offices get rid of the physical space and allow tenants to check in remotely. This saves money, maximises the benefits of remote routines, and helps businesses stay flexible.

The Importance of a Top Address

If you go virtual, it’s much easier to afford a premium business address. You’re not paying to rent a private suite, so the rates are low, and there are no logistical expenses. It means some of the finest spots in the city are within your grasp, even on a relatively tight budget.

Investing in a prestigious location allows you to attract attention from investors, snap up local talent, and stay close to retail districts. It looks great on paper too. Whether you go virtual or opt for a traditional, private lease, your office address is guaranteed to wow.

Scoping Out Spots in Central Sydney

The following neighbourhoods are considered to be highly desirable. Securing an office in these areas is a quick way to make a big statement.

Barangaroo Avenue

This is one of the busiest streets in central Sydney. It is home to some of the best restaurants and retail stores, so it attracts huge numbers of visitors. If you’re interested in getting close to consumers and building a strong brand presence, Barangaroo Avenue is a great choice.

Chifley Square

Similarly, Chifley Square is where you’ll find a lot of iconic brands. It is a tower community made up of household and international businesses. Office space within its famous skyscraper is highly sought after, but you can get your hands on it no matter what your budget. If you don’t have much to spend, think about combining remote routines with a virtual lease.

The MLC Centre

All cities have their legendary buildings, and the MLC Centre is one of them for Sydney. It is highly distinct and dominates the skyline with its geometric façade. It was awarded a prestigious accolade from the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, so it’s guaranteed to make a striking business base.

Macquarie Park

This area of the city is home to global players from the tech, electronics, telecoms, and pharmaceutical industries. There are virtual and serviced offices here, so it should be easy to find a lease that suits your budget. Imagine being able to call Microsoft, Sony, Johnson and Johnson, and Optus your ‘neighbours.’

How to Turn Sydney into a Land of Opportunity

Often, the assumption is that smaller businesses cannot afford to set up shop in central Sydney. This is not the case, though you may need to consider alternatives to the traditional, long-term lease. Serviced offices are one possibility.

They charge a single fee for the physical space and all of its key utilities. Virtual offices are another, as tenants don’t pay for any physical space at all. In this case, they’re charged a minimal fee to access corporate resources over the phone or online.