In past years curvy women had few options when it came to clothing, especially when it came to finding a trendy plus size swimsuit. Fortunately the fashion industry has now embraced the challenge of designing alluring pieces that are fashion-forward yet include slimming features for women with curves. Best of all, shopping for the best plus size swimsuits has never been easier due to the growth of online retail stores.

Looking for the best plus size swimsuits? You can find them online.

One of the first things to consider when purchasing a bathing suit online is body type. Accentuating your best features while minimizing points that you don’t like is the key to walking onto the beach or sitting poolside with confidence. The ever-increasing number of designers specializing in accentuating plus size bodies makes finding the right swimsuit easier than ever. Your body shape can help determine not only the best style for you, but can help influence color and design choices as well. This is why the best retailers — like swimsuitsforall, for example — provide personalized body type calculators to help you understand which styles are best for you.

Some of the most popular plus size swimsuit types include:

  • Tankinis
  • Skirtinis
  • Sun-dresses
  • Waist-High bikinis, and
  • Dynamic one-pieces with ruching or bold colour patterns

Do yourself a favor and make sure to check out to learn more about the trendiest plus size swimsuit styles that are sure to be a knockout on the beach.For women with pear-shapes it’s important to accentuate the bust-line while disguising the lower part of the body. By selecting a suit that emphasizes the bust-line with vibrant colors while minimizing focus on the hips and bottom with darker solid colors, the eye will be drawn upward. Styles such as tankinis, one piece suits with brightly colored tops, and skirtinis are the best choices for women who want to hide problem thighs or tummies. If you want the option of hiding your stomach and top thighs, opt for a swim dress. They can make you feel comfortable and confident, while looking sleek and sexy at the same time.

Women with an apple shape, on the other hand, need to focus the eye down rather than up as the legs are often the best feature. Larger bust-lines, stomachs, and square shoulders were problematic in the past but today’s tummy-trimming suits in bright prints keep the eye exactly where you want it. Swim-dresses and one-piece suits in beautiful prints are often the best option. For more information on how body type should dictate swimsuit choices check out, where you can find testimonials from real women.

Looking for a bathing suit online will open the door to hundreds of different, trendy one-piece swimsuits, flirty tankinis, sexy sun-dresses and more. If you want to feel like a 50s starlet (perhaps capturing the Marilyn Monroe beach look), it’s easier than ever online, especially with so many retailers catering exclusively to plus-size shoppers.