Photo by CC user Luis Felipe Salas on Flickr.

While those that are poor would give anything to alleviate their situation, few ever escape the trap of poverty.

It can be done though, as Prophet TB Joshua overcame overwhelming odds to rise from the ranks of the poor in Nigeria.

If he was able to do it in one of the most corrupt third world countries in Africa, you have it within your grasp to go from rags to riches in the first world.

In this article, we’ll draw out a blueprint that can help you escape poverty this coming year.

1) Change your mindset

If you’re looking to get out of poverty, it all starts by reprogramming your mental attitude towards money.

If you view the love of money as the root of all evil, you shouldn’t be surprised when it flees your hands as soon as you get it.

Know this: cash is inherently neutral. It is a tool that does the bidding of those that deploy it. As such, if you use it with the best of intentions, you will ultimately do good for yourself, loved ones, the less fortunate, and the economy at large.

Release your negativity surrounding money, and you will find it easier to hold on to, and grow.

2) Cut back your living expenses

Now that you have purged your psychic blocks surrounding the acquisition of wealth, it’s time to get pragmatic.

Analyze where you are losing the most cash, and plug the biggest leaks. While it is important to stay sane from day-to-day, there are many stress reducers that cost little or nothing.

Learn about them, and rid yourself of the habit of compulsive shopping when your mood takes a turn for the worse.

Can you move to a cheaper neighborhood? Take on roommates? Cook more at home? When you go over every aspect of your life, there are many opportunities to minimize your monthly outgo.

3) Pursue extra education to get a better job

Cutting expenses have their role when it comes to wealth generation, but their impact is paltry compared to the effect that making more money can have on your financial life.

However, a big roadblock to making more is the lack of education needed for good paying jobs. If you want to advance into a career that can pay you significantly more than the just above minimum wage position you are slaving away at now, you’ll need to get a degree or diploma.

There are many professional positions that can be had with courses that can be completed in a year or less. Save up for the tuition that you’ll need, then make your time in the classroom count.

4) Pay off your debts and invest

Once you have some cash to deploy, it’s time to build your net worth. Start by paying off any debt that you have accumulated over the years, as trying to build wealth while making interest payments is like walking the wrong way down a moving sidewalk.

Once you have banished your consumer debt, start investing your extra cash into an index fund, and then branch out into riskier investments once you get the chance to learn more about the stock market.