The best DIY home decor ideas allow you to unleash your creativity while saving money ... photo by CC user MightyPeggy1227 on wikimedia commons

Our homes are a special place for our heart, and we’d all love to add a personal touch to them. Our homes are meant to be cosy, our favourite hiding habitat and maybe reflect our identity. Nothing does this better than decorating it yourself. Go shopping buy curtains you like, or get that gorgeous chair. Sometimes it’s best to do away with the colour pallet rules and themed ideas.

A lot of online retail stores also offer some beautiful furniture and decor accessories, Mobikwik coupons only make it better. But if you’d still like to do things yourself here are a few DIY ideas:

  1. Tape it

Bored of that dull plain wall? Let it reflect your personality. Use tape to make designs on the walls, make geometrical shapes or make graphic designs, if you want to make it more interesting use tape that glows, or fluorescent colours. You could also tape pictures to the wall and draw frames using tape, make layers or intricate designs, make a pattern on the wall or use it as a stencil to paint on your wall! Go ahead, tape it.

  1. Use rope

Jute ropes are a great way to add a natural look to your home! Hang curtains, or that mirror in the bathroom. They look great with plants too. Use small pots to plant a few of them and hang them off your window or in the balcony. The ropes add personality and are a nice way to keep it natural.

  1. Paint

No, not the walls, that’s probably too much work and requires some professional assistance. Use colour to paint little things that remain hidden unless you want them to. Paint the sides of your doors, or drawers. It’s a great way to colour code too. No one will know your colourful secret unless you open that door!

  1. Use a little bling

It need not be on your dress, or your earrings, go bling on your living room decor. Opt for furniture that has some really vibrant colours and add a dash of bling to it. Make a design on that centre top or stick to the sides, or the table legs, or your cupboard door, just about anything would do! It’s a subtle rock star chic hint to the otherwise boring furniture. You could actually make for a great conversation starter during dinner parties.

  1. Humor them

You think you have a great sense of humour? Well, what better way to tell the world? Use funny quotes or signs around the house. Simple ways to do it is by hanging the ‘Men-Woman’ sign on your toilet door, or use a marker to write funny comments or warnings around the house. Your family might call you a tad-bit crazy but your guests will definitely appreciate the humour. In case they don’t get it, it’s always fun to leave people a little confused!